Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some Anatomy Zbrush work (day3)

Have been working on a base male model in Maya the last 2 days, get it all edge-looped nicely. So today I started working on the body's Torso into ZBrush. Printed out enough reference material for muscles and landmarks. Not pulling all my weighth on it as I want to take my time to get it properly done. Later on I'll create some blendshapes within ZBrush, UV it, and texture the character. After that the skinning and some IK handles. I haven't touched any advanced rigging yet, so it has to do with just IK (with locators).

Monday, January 23, 2006

Another week

Another week started today. What did we do last weekend ? I took pictures of old games to sell on EBay, and so far sold quite a few of them. It creates space in the house again, get some money back from a small investment I made back than. Went to the Peterborough Carboot again yesterday, and it ws very cold on the bike. I took my son Ivar with me as well. It was bussier as last week, but nothing to see. 1 Megadrive in poor condition, and 1 smaal megadrive (one of those tv joysticks with games on rom) useless, so we left it and went back not long after arriving. Finished a tutorial for a book written by Martin McKenna, and am looking forward to read the edited version when it's ready. It will hit the shops Autumn time I presume. I'm thinking about a what's new section on my website just to let people know what I'm upto as a professional. I might look into to that today how to set that one up in Flash and maybe an XML sheet.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another useless carboot

Yet again, although bussier as last week's, a useless carboot sale in Peterborough. What was there ? 1 Nintendo Gamecube with a couple of games, I believe I have seen the same guy a couple of times before, so I presume he just asks the full price. 1 NES with some games, in good cosmetic condition, but the old woman wanted 25 pounds for it. Way too much for what it was I think, "I rather keep it myself", she said. Well, she can now. Imagine that, an old lady who doesn'r even know how to switch it on, playing games on a console which is more than 15 years old :) When the wheather is slightly better we're going to other carboots again. Saw some gameboys as well, not interesting at all. I started selling unwanted games now on Ebay. 29 Items for sale now. PS2, Atari ST, NeogeoAES, Commodore hardware. A big clearout, as accumulating all these items clearly take up a lot of space.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Parents out - Brother in

My parents just left to the trainstation to go to Stansted Airport, where they catch their flight back to the Netherlands. My brother and his family arrived last night and went straight to the Orton Hall Hotel in Peterborough, which they loved. This morning we had them for a visit, and they just went back as their son needed his sleep. We will see eachother again tomorrow, which gives us all a rest from everything. Tidy up the house again a little bit, don't need to do much though. This will be mu last weekend before I go back to work again, which should be good. Back in my old routine again. Just hope the wheather will be clearing up, because at the moment it is a bit miserable outside, although it is dry at least. For all people who have missed me, I'm back next week, Angelo in da house ! Senna is doing a great job, sleeping intervals of 4 hours nonstop, and drinking very well. We are very lucky with her.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday again

We're forgetting time, especially after all those holidays. Still a full week to go before I go back to work. Everything is falling into place at home again. Next week my parents will come over for 5 days, which I'm looking forward to. So do they to see their newborn grandchild. Anyway, here 2 images of Noa, Ivar & Senna. Noa & Ivar were in a strange mood again. Upcoming sunday is carboot day again...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Senna on day 2

Here a quick snapshot from the two sisters Noa and Senna. All is fine, althoug they are still in the hospital. Gives me some time to get everything perfect at home. Although I hate doing ironing.But heej, I have to do it. Soon it will be full house, as my brother is going to book his visit for next week friday. The birth cards are being printed today, so hopefully everyone will receive theirs by post soon.