Monday, February 25, 2008

Snowboarding in Sonnenkopf, Austria

Saturday we went to visit Sonnenkopf in Austria. Getting up at 04:00 to leave from the office to Schwenningen to catch a bus to Sonnenkopf, Austria. We had a fantastic sunny day, and a good first experience for me at least to try and stay on the snowboard while going downhill. Can't remember the amount of time I fell on my arse. Lotsa of fun, and Apres Ski afterwards. Will post some images from this trip again soon.

Zurich and Shafhaussen

What happened over the last few weeks in the weekends again ?

Well, let's first update about our trip to Shafhaussen and Zurich, which we did on a really bright and sunny saturday. Shafhaussen we went to see some cool waterfall on the river Rhine. After having spend a few hours there, we continued our trip to Zurich, which was an amazing city. Will post some pictures later on.