Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy mothersday !

Happy mothersday. I know it's not mothersday in the Netherlands at the moment, that's 2 weeks away from now. The time has changed overnight, as the summertime has come. To my surprise our son already went downstairs to get the table ready fro breakfast, I just finished it off with some boiled eggs, plates and the rest needed. Linda just woke up. It's a beautyful day outside, and everything feels good. On the jobfront : I'll keep you informed, as soon as everything has been started. All very excting again. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get some vaccinations for a trip I am going to make to Asia. Will have to sort my visa out as well in a few weeks. Holidays are coming up. The last 2 weeks have been very very hectic as you can imagine, but worthwhile putting the effort in ofcourse. That's it for now, I'll put more photographs on the blog next week. Thanks for all my friends for the support they gave us last few weeks.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Big Bod Back by Dope Demand

Well, by now I guess I could write in in my blog. I have made redundant from Sony Cambridge due to there was no suitable position for my Art Role anymore. I could not believe the news, but at least this puts everything back into perspective. No hard feelings against Sony, as this was a hard decision for them as well.

Some of the nice feedback from friends and collegeas :

"You're a supremely talented, enthusiastic and hardworking artist and I'm sure Sony's loss will be a better studio's gain". Mark Gibbons, ex-Art Director SCEE Cambridge.

"I can't imagine it'll be too hard to find something given your portfolio - I certainly hope that's the case". Chris Sorrell, Creative Director SCEE Cambridge.

"you're too talented to not get work immediately". Steve Martin, Producer

Thanks for all the support from people from : Nixxes, Blizzard, EA, SquareEnix, Framestore, Eidos, SCEE, SCEA, Rockstar, Teamplay2, Woedend, UBI Soft, Dreamworks Interactive, Lego.

I have things lined up, and fingers crossed I'll back on my feet again, as quite a few companies show their interest in me.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Yesterday we decided to go and have a look in York. It was quite easy to get there. On the A1 and keep going North. I passed Newark as well, which is were John from the train lives :) Quite a long drive from Peterborough though. It was a beautifull clear day and a perfect opportunity to clear my head with all the things that are happening at the moment which I will not go into at this stage. It was freezing cold up in York, and there was snow everywhere in the city. We didn't get to see a lot though, maybe it's a good time to go back in the summer to take some more a better pictures. Parked the car at KentStreet Carpark, which was a 5 minute walk from City Centre. We had a nice meal in a Bella Italia restaurant with the kids. Here are some snapshots from yesterday and an updated picture from Senna in het bed.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Our new car !

A sad day, and a happy day ! Our old Volvo is no more here, but in exchange we've got the superdeluxe V70 back. Longer as expected, as I'm at home now. What happened before ? We got a call on monday from the Volvo Dealer they couldn not deliver it on time, so it would be today instead of yesterday. Than yesterday I got a phonecall from the finance departement they made a mistake and were £1.200,- short. We already signed, so they discussed it with their supervisor and decided to give us the discount because they made the mistake. So £1.200,- back from the old Volvo, and £1.200,- from the mistake they made. Good deal if you ask me. Than this morning we were going tol collect the car at last at 10:00, but our insurance papers still didn't arrive in the post, althought they were posted last thursday by first class mail (NOT!). So we only could finish the paperwork, but not take the car with us yet. Coming home, we found the insurance papers on our doorstep. Back again to swap the cars. Now we've got it, but it was a bit late to go to my work in Cambridge, so I'll have to book a day off for this. What a nice toy this is ! Look for yourself...