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March - April - May 2009

March 2009

I did not keep up any diary, apart from my work diary. So I looked at the photo’s I took the last few months. I could not recommend the horrible Indian Restaurant we tried out in Villingen. Nothing was properly cooked, and the dishes where tasteless.

David, Thibaud and Jos, in the worst Indian restaurant we visited.

April 2009, Easter Holidays

4th of April we left for a short break to the Netherlands. We went with the Eurotunnel, which is brilliant if the price is right. We booked a day return, which is far cheaper then a normal return. So buying two day returns for us worked out cheaper then anything else. We just do not return the same day :) We stayed at my parents place in Maarheeze. On Sunday we dropped the kids of at Linda’s parents place and we had a couple of days for ourselves, staying in the Carlton Hotel in “Naaldwijk”. The hotel was clean, although old fashioned in our eyes. In between the flower fields of the Netherlands, close to the Hague and Rotterdam. For a 4 star hotel we would have expected slightly better.

First day we went to Rotterdam, which has become a really nice city since my last visit. Even bumped into a Crumpler shop (awesome Aussie bags). We had a nice lunch nearby where we parked our car. We visited the Alexandrium, which is a large shopping mall for furniture and beds, just to do up some inspiration for our home. After that we went to Scheveningen, where we had an early dinner at Van Der Valk on the Pier. Surprisingly good food and service.

Scheveningen beach

Next day it was cloudy and drizzle. We went to Leiden, which was slightly disappointing, maybe also because of the weather, shortly after that we left again for Rotterdam. In the evening we went to “Tampat Senang”, an superb Indonesian restaurant in the heart of The Hague. This was recommended by one of the staff at the hotel. The restaurant has been there since 1922, and the atmosphere is absolutely brilliant. Every single part of the restaurant was decorated in the Indonesian traditional woodwork. The food was really good too.

Tempat Senang interior, the Hague.

Our last morning in the hotel we had a long large breakfast. On our way back, we picked up the kids at Linda’s parents place, and drove straight to the pancake house in Lierop. My parents had their 45th wedding anniversary that day, so the entire family was there (My brother with his family, my parents and us).

"Breakfast in the Carlton"

Next day we went into Eindhoven. Had some food at the Thai place. After that we drove to the furniture mall and had a look around for some more inspiration. We saw a beautiful couch, which we probably will buy the end of this year to replace our current one, which has suffered badly from the kids. We visited my brother’s home that day, and after that we left to our friends in Valkenswaard.

Next day we went to ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In the evening we took out Linda’s parents for a meal in Hotel de Valk near Gilzenrijen.

Week 2

I had to go back to work, although Monday was a national holiday, so we drove on Monday to Germany with the car. Working during the day, meeting up with the family at lunchtime, and in the evenings we went swimming at Solemar and to Aquasol. Both very nice pools (recommended).

bridge at river Moesel

Friday evening we drove back to my parents in Holland. Saturday we chilled out, did some shopping and visited our friends in Valkenswaard again. Sunday we went back home to the UK

May 2009

A couple of weeks back into work again. My mother turned 68 on the 1st of May. Did a lot of DIY in and around the house.

Senna and Noa at a farm in Southern Germany.


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