Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another update from Germany

Sitting in my "Fatboy", which made the trip in the car from the UK all the way to Southern Germany, I'm writing a small update. I finally moved out of the hotel, after six months. So we have an apartment now here. Had some issues when I moved in, as the hot water wasn't working, the heating wasn't working, so dishwasher was wrongly connected. But that's all fixed now. Only thing I need now is furniture. Last week Linda and the kids came over for a visit, as they had holidays. The weather was really nice, and we enjoyed every day of it. Went swimming a couple of times with the kids in Rottweil, a really nice pool called "Aquasol". During the day I had to work, so the kids went out with Linda to local places such as a farm, Triberg (the waterfall about 15 minutes drive from here).

Triberg, near the waterfall in summer.

On Saturday we were invited for a barbeque in Schwenningen by Thibaud. It was raining when we arrived, but the weather cleared and we had a nice afternoon. Thibaud was improvising with the own made bbq, and the food was delicious.

Closeup from the table.

Got my internet here sorted with KableBW (a 16Mb connection with telephone), works like a treat. And yesterday I installed the netgear wireless, so now I'm not tied anymore to any wires. Nothing planned for the weekend really, wanted to go to Schwenningen to look for some furniture. As Jos his car is broken, we depend on the public transport, but that's okay. Will see if he's already awake. Tonight it's kickoff for the Euro 2008 !


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