Sunday, May 04, 2008

Frühlingsfest Stuttgart

Frühlingsfest Stuttgart, Germany.

Another update after such a long time of silence. Summer finally started her ein Southern Germany, and yesterday was another beautiful day. We decided to go to the Frühlingsfest in Stuttgart (Which is the capital of Baden Wurtemberg). It's the second biggest festival in Southern Germany after the October Fest which is more famous amongst the international community.

Entrance of the Funfair.

We took the train from Villingen at 11:35 (bought a Baden Wurtemberg ticket, which allows you to travel with 5 persons for the entire day for € 27,-) and had to change in Rottweil. Mike, Steffan and Jos joined in this journey. Once arrived in Stuttgart we went for some quick snack at Mac Donald's.

Worlds largest (claimed to be) move able rollercoaster

Taking the S-Bahn which brought us to our destination (Cannstatt) we finally arrived there. One worth : "Massive!" It was really well organized, and the fairground was enormous. A nice little village was build for drinking and food, and the other side there where all sorts of crazy rides. 50 Meter high swings, roller coasters, dodgems and many more attractions.

Huge sausages and burgers.
It was a nice and sunny day, and a lot of people where there. Mike and Steffan where the brave ones, and entered some crazy rides. Mike's face was all white after some of the rides :) We left at about 19:00 back to Stutggart Hbf to take the train back to Villingen. In Rottweil we had to take a taxi, as there was no train to Villingen anymore (public transport in the evenings!). A great day, wish the kids would be able to join.

A view of the park from the Tiroler food place.


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