Sunday, July 13, 2008

July, Summer Holidays are coming up

From a rather cloudy Villingen, another update from the Black Forest.
My parents where visiting yesterday accompanied by one of my aunties who turns 80 this year. They left the Netherlands last week to relax in a hotel in the Northern part of the Black Forest (nearby Offenburg). What did we do ? Had breakfast in "Raben", which is an Italian Ice Restaurant. After that we had a walk around, and later the day we had lunch / dinner at "Die Ott", 200Gr Angus Steak, with brattkartoffeln, salad and a bruschetta for a starter. They left at about 18:00 again back to the hotel where they were staying.

What else happened last month ?

Workwise we have a busy milestone ahead of us, but everything is going smoothly so far. And we planned our holidays as well, which is something we're all looking forward to. Our own business is expanding, as we started up a business offshore in Capetown, South Africa. As we signed another deal last week we simply had to expand in order to get the workload done on our side. So let's see where the future will take our company. "Onwards and upwards!"

I went home last week to visit my family, and on Saturday we went into town where Noa got a Red Nintendo DS. As the white one was broken, and has to be repaired. Went to Bluewater in London on Sunday, as it was a rainy day. Visited the lego store and some other places. Just a relaxed weekend really.

My friend Jos is now on a holiday with his parents. Visiting Hitlers Eagles Nest in Southern Germany, and then off to Toscane, Italy. Hope he will enjoy his trip over there. They planned a long roadtrip.

have been updating my Hyves, hard to keep everything up to date with all these sites we're on. It's all in Dutch, but there are some images on there too.

More images will follow with the next update.


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