Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Passed

Another weekend passed in Southern Germany. What happened in a nutshell ? Friday we had a leaving party from one of the people in the company. Got pretty wasted, but went home early. Next day Got up at 07:00 to pick up Jos and Mikael (a new guy) to go to Strasbourg, France. We had the train at 09:00 from Villingen Station, and had to get out at Offenburg, where we missed the next train as we didn't get the extra tickets for the train that would take us to France. So a two hour wait, we decided to go into Offenburg. It was anicer then expected, and there was a nice market. After a MacDonalds meal we left for France. The journey was smooth, the landscape boring and not very interesting unfortunately. We had a laugh anyway. Strasbourg is not very impressive, although some parts have some nice architectual buildings (such as the cathedral). We left on time again from Strasbourg back to Villingen. Once returned, we got in contact with Steffan, as they where going to a party where a director of the company was performing on the stage (DJ Size). We went with Rainer, Steffan, Jenny, Jos and Myself. The location was in Schwenningen, next to the Station. Good atmosphere, good 80s music and a top night. More people later on joined, and the party ended at about 03:00. Today I went out early and wanted to visit the Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart. But that went not as planned.....Got on the train, had to change at Rottweil, but there was no connection there. So decided to go back to Villingen and went down South to Konstanz. The weather was beautifull, and totally relaxed walking around, taking pictures and had some food (of course). Went back at about 15:00, and am back in Villingen again where I bumped into Stef and Jenny at the Opal, which is a bar next to the Station (best spot to catch sun all day, if there is any sun). Will make some spaghetti now, as it's the only thing left in the cupboard :) Shopping again tomorrow. And end of this week FLYING HOME !!! One week to go for yet another year !

btw, for more images you can also visit :

Although for the people that are not fluid in Dutch, well look at the images only :)


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you shoul really write more on here angelo :) ... How about checking out austria instead of StrasbourG? :)

Greets roland

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