Friday, January 13, 2006

Parents out - Brother in

My parents just left to the trainstation to go to Stansted Airport, where they catch their flight back to the Netherlands. My brother and his family arrived last night and went straight to the Orton Hall Hotel in Peterborough, which they loved. This morning we had them for a visit, and they just went back as their son needed his sleep. We will see eachother again tomorrow, which gives us all a rest from everything. Tidy up the house again a little bit, don't need to do much though. This will be mu last weekend before I go back to work again, which should be good. Back in my old routine again. Just hope the wheather will be clearing up, because at the moment it is a bit miserable outside, although it is dry at least. For all people who have missed me, I'm back next week, Angelo in da house ! Senna is doing a great job, sleeping intervals of 4 hours nonstop, and drinking very well. We are very lucky with her.


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