Sunday, February 01, 2009

The child in me.....Lego !

After a long time, here's another update. We had a great christmas holidays with the family. Life has not changed that much. Although traveling more frequent, with the result I'm at home more often then last year. Anyways. Here are some pictures of the old Lego from my early days which have been rebuild using an online catalogue (I'm so disappointed I got rid of the original manuals back in the days).

Lego Castle from 1978

Highway Maintenance from 1981.

Shell Petrol Pump from 1981.

Race Car from 1983.

Fire Station from 1983.

We are still looking for some parts (one or two) in the huge amount of Lego we've got here. Still need to organize the colors, as right now it's all in one large storage box. Anyway, still enjoying playing with Lego after all these years. What a brilliant idea from Denmark !



Blogger Car Town Guides said...

Haha I Love the Shell petrol station. Did you know in New Zealand Shell is Changing to Z??

11:46 pm  

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