Friday, February 24, 2006

Volvo 850GLT OUT - Volvo V70 SE 5DR IN !

Well, we finally did it. We've just bought a new car. A Beautifull with every luxury item you can imagine on it. 2.4 Liters, Automatic, Diesel. Volvo V70. I'm very happy, as this is my first big car purchase and am looking forward to getting it this tuesday. We're getting rid of our 850GLT, which has been good to us for the last 2.5 years. We will miss the old car, but than again. It's good to drive a new car....So excited !
Feeling better again today, and monday it's back to work again. We'll be pretty busy again for the next project. Still have to found out what it is exactly.
Have a good weekend everyone !

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

DIY in the house

Did some DIY. A frontlight for outside next to our front door. I didn't like the plastic light we orignally got from our builder. Very old fashioned. This fits better with all the rest. 2 Bird Houses outside in our garden, and we already had a visitor looking at one of them. I'll try to register each time a bird gets in and take some snapshots each year :) My father made them for us. And a nice kitchen light for our kitchen table.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another ZBrush session now into Maya

Another day passed. Got myself into ZBrush again, and getting to know the pipeline between ZBrush and Maya MentalRay rendering. Quite straight forward, and as complex as I thought it would be. Although it's not a perfect pipeline. My last day tomorrow as I'm having friday off :) Hoooray.
The model is lowpoly. The displacement map is 2048*2048. With a simple Mentalray Skinshader.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Another carboot this morning, again busier as last week because of the wheather is getting better. Nothing there though. What did we see this time ?
1 Playstation1 in bad cosmetic condition for £5,-, and some gameboy stuuf I've seen a couple of times before as they're from the same people. Many East-Europeans on the carboot, like you're not in England anymore. Here some images I took this morning.

Another 4 days to go at work before our holiday, which I'm really looking forward to.

Outsourced some freelance work this week for a small Dutch company in the Netherlands. My colleaguea's are having fun with that, and some money in the end :)

About to update my satelite as well today with the latest settings, moving some recorded audio shows (Ferry Maat's Soul Show) and In the Mix by Ben Liebrand. Do some editwork to cut the commercials and MP3 them for my Ipod.

Our neighbours came for a visit yesterday and we had a nice curry takeaway .

That's my weekend in a nuttshell..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Holidays coming up

Not long to go untill we pass the channel again for a nice short break of it all. Working on 24 again, doing some wlakthrough maps for the game. very boring, but keeping us all busy. Within a week or two (possibly when I come back from my break) we'll found out what the future will bring us regarding my next project. Will i be commuting to London, like some others of our studio. Will I stay at Cambridge to do the work remote ? Whatever happens, it's good to get my teeth in a fresh new project. I wished it was going to be a PSP title, but it's more likely a PS3 title by the look sof it. Finishing off those wlakthrough maps this friday, so hopefully I have some time again to finish off what I started last week. My ZBrush model..