Monday, January 23, 2006

Another week

Another week started today. What did we do last weekend ? I took pictures of old games to sell on EBay, and so far sold quite a few of them. It creates space in the house again, get some money back from a small investment I made back than. Went to the Peterborough Carboot again yesterday, and it ws very cold on the bike. I took my son Ivar with me as well. It was bussier as last week, but nothing to see. 1 Megadrive in poor condition, and 1 smaal megadrive (one of those tv joysticks with games on rom) useless, so we left it and went back not long after arriving. Finished a tutorial for a book written by Martin McKenna, and am looking forward to read the edited version when it's ready. It will hit the shops Autumn time I presume. I'm thinking about a what's new section on my website just to let people know what I'm upto as a professional. I might look into to that today how to set that one up in Flash and maybe an XML sheet.


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