Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another useless carboot

Yet again, although bussier as last week's, a useless carboot sale in Peterborough. What was there ? 1 Nintendo Gamecube with a couple of games, I believe I have seen the same guy a couple of times before, so I presume he just asks the full price. 1 NES with some games, in good cosmetic condition, but the old woman wanted 25 pounds for it. Way too much for what it was I think, "I rather keep it myself", she said. Well, she can now. Imagine that, an old lady who doesn'r even know how to switch it on, playing games on a console which is more than 15 years old :) When the wheather is slightly better we're going to other carboots again. Saw some gameboys as well, not interesting at all. I started selling unwanted games now on Ebay. 29 Items for sale now. PS2, Atari ST, NeogeoAES, Commodore hardware. A big clearout, as accumulating all these items clearly take up a lot of space.


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