Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Holidays coming up

Not long to go untill we pass the channel again for a nice short break of it all. Working on 24 again, doing some wlakthrough maps for the game. very boring, but keeping us all busy. Within a week or two (possibly when I come back from my break) we'll found out what the future will bring us regarding my next project. Will i be commuting to London, like some others of our studio. Will I stay at Cambridge to do the work remote ? Whatever happens, it's good to get my teeth in a fresh new project. I wished it was going to be a PSP title, but it's more likely a PS3 title by the look sof it. Finishing off those wlakthrough maps this friday, so hopefully I have some time again to finish off what I started last week. My ZBrush model..


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