Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy mothersday !

Happy mothersday. I know it's not mothersday in the Netherlands at the moment, that's 2 weeks away from now. The time has changed overnight, as the summertime has come. To my surprise our son already went downstairs to get the table ready fro breakfast, I just finished it off with some boiled eggs, plates and the rest needed. Linda just woke up. It's a beautyful day outside, and everything feels good. On the jobfront : I'll keep you informed, as soon as everything has been started. All very excting again. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get some vaccinations for a trip I am going to make to Asia. Will have to sort my visa out as well in a few weeks. Holidays are coming up. The last 2 weeks have been very very hectic as you can imagine, but worthwhile putting the effort in ofcourse. That's it for now, I'll put more photographs on the blog next week. Thanks for all my friends for the support they gave us last few weeks.


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