Friday, March 10, 2006

Big Bod Back by Dope Demand

Well, by now I guess I could write in in my blog. I have made redundant from Sony Cambridge due to there was no suitable position for my Art Role anymore. I could not believe the news, but at least this puts everything back into perspective. No hard feelings against Sony, as this was a hard decision for them as well.

Some of the nice feedback from friends and collegeas :

"You're a supremely talented, enthusiastic and hardworking artist and I'm sure Sony's loss will be a better studio's gain". Mark Gibbons, ex-Art Director SCEE Cambridge.

"I can't imagine it'll be too hard to find something given your portfolio - I certainly hope that's the case". Chris Sorrell, Creative Director SCEE Cambridge.

"you're too talented to not get work immediately". Steve Martin, Producer

Thanks for all the support from people from : Nixxes, Blizzard, EA, SquareEnix, Framestore, Eidos, SCEE, SCEA, Rockstar, Teamplay2, Woedend, UBI Soft, Dreamworks Interactive, Lego.

I have things lined up, and fingers crossed I'll back on my feet again, as quite a few companies show their interest in me.


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