Monday, January 14, 2008

Visiting Triberg and Freiburg

This weekend Jos and myself went to do some sightseeing here in Southern Germany. Saturday we drove off towards Freiburg, and the landscape was just amazing. Posting some images we took on our journey. Sunday we visited Triberg, which was really nice. Only shame they closed some of the walking paths...

Just outside Villingen, towards Freiburg. Lots of snow !
An Alley in Freiburg, buildings from around 1400.
Me at the entrance of Germany's highest waterfall.
Me in front of the waterfall
Steep roads in Triberg, but very beautifull.

More images can be found on Jos account, at

What else ? Started going to the gym again. Went to the cinema to watch a movie (in German)......apart from eating, which is not new to the people who know me.


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