Saturday, December 29, 2007

Days before the Newyear

Days before 2007 in a nutshell:

The 22nd I traveled back to the UK with RyanAir from Friedrichshaven.
When waking up just before the Airport, I had to wake up a girl who fell asleep on my shoulder. She was slightly embarrassed.

The 23rd Back home again after a month ! I unpacked my stuff, and updated all machines in the house.

The 24th I can’t remember. Resting.......

The 25th We unpacked al presents under the Christmas tree after having breakfast. Got a Nintendo Wii this Christmas !
Went for lunch afterwards at our friends place (Ade and Moriam).

The 26th We went for lunch at the Pizza Express in Stamford.
In the evening I became Ill, as I probably drunk too much vino!

The 27th The van der Veens came over.

The 28th We all went out in Peterborough (Food, shopping, played Wii, etc)
My old Dual P3 gave up to work after 7 years, so I disassembled it. Probably the power supply’s dodgy.

The 29th The van der Veens went back home again, and me back to the drawing board, working again for a few days.


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