Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weekend update

2nd of December 2008, Sunday

At the office, to charge my Ipod Touch, do some upgrades, surf and get the key for the playroom. What happened last week here in Germany?
We had the companies Christmas Party on Friday. The office shut at 16:00, and we where supposed to get to the venue at 18:00. I went back to the hotel to get dressed, and to pick up a colleague who is staying at the same hotel for the time being. We walked to the Venue, which was located on a hill, called "Hotel Diegner". Two rooms where prepared for the evening. One part was for the mother company, and one room for us. The atmosphere was good, although I missed music in the background, and my fingers where too rusty to start playing songs on the piano. Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves and went back to the hotel at about 03:00.
Woke up on Saturday at 10:00, which is rather unusual for me. Had a nice long shower, and my carves where hurting like hell, as I had cramps that night. Took a paracetamol as I was lightheaded, and went out for a walk in town to clear my head. Got some sandwiches from the local bakery (one of many here) and went to the office to check my emails. Sounds really boring, which it was :) After a while Anton came in too, and we had a quick chat. Anton comes from Ukraine, and makes us all crack up when he talks. He's a good guy ! Anyway, tried to get a German phone number, but somehow after filling in all the forms at the O2 shop, they denied my request to have a subscription. Maybe because of I do not have a permanent address, or because I'm not registered here. Can't really, as I live in the UK. So I decided to go to Voda phone instead and got myself a pay as you go card for €19,90 (including €10,- phone minutes). Once at home I tried the card, guess what ? Locked on the UK O2 network. Back to work, as I still don't have internet at the hotel I'm staying, and managed to unlock the phone. So I have now ANOTHER phone number. Well, handy though when I'm here. "Handy" is the word here for mobile phone, which made me laugh. "Tot Ziens", as Jan would say here. Time to take some more pictures with my camera !


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