Saturday, November 10, 2007

Winter has come

10th of November, Winter has come

An update from Germany, it started snowing this week. It is -1 degrees Celcius, but really nice.
Just a couple of images.

One of the houses
Milka promotion in the local supermarket, look Noa a Milka Cow :)
In front of hotel Ketterer, and a small river in the snow.
City Wall
Another cool looking house.

I'm off to town, do some shopping. Will do another update soon.


Blogger Ivar said...

Hello papa ,

Wow it is snowing Cool man !!! We realy miss you and we hope that you come back next week . Noa ask't me of the milca cow got some chocomel for her !! See you soon dad , Lots of Love Ivar , Noa and Senna and mum XXX

2:45 pm  

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