Thursday, November 08, 2007

Der erste Woche im Deutschland

4th of November 2007, to Germany.

Catching my flight at 20:00 towards Stuttgart from London Stansted. There was a long cue at the check in desk. Finally after checking in, I managed to find some food at Ponti's, where I had a lasagne, some garlic bread and a large fresh glass of orange juice. Once done I went through to the other side of the airport, where there was another cue of at least 30 minutes :( I had to rush now in order to catch the right plane, so I hurried to the trains that take you to the right Gate. I was the last one to get on the plane I believe.
First time I flew German Wings, and it was a pleasant experience I must admit. Slightly more expensive then Ryan Air, but at least arriving at Stuttgart airport, which is convenient if you want to drive to Villingen. It's all Autobahn, and there is no speed limit !
Having arrived at the hotel at 00:20 it was surprisingly nice. All new decorated, newly put in bathroom. Fridge, television, large enough bed. And.....5 minutes walk to work !
I just unpacked my things, and made up the bed. Time to catch some sleep, as it's my first day here. Exciting, and a lot of work to be done (keeps us all busy!)

On the way to work.
8th of November, already talking German

I caught myself today talking German. The weather has been good the last few days, and work is busy. Went out most of the days for food. I had Pizza, Steak etc. I learned not to order any starters anymore, as the portions are just to large to finish. Looking forward to the weekend to do some sight seeing over here, and take more pictures.
Well, posting some pictures of the city.

the lounge at the Hotel


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