Thursday, March 08, 2007

Quick update

March already

Here's a quick update. Been terribly busy the last few months with work and preparing our wedding. I've been away for 3 weeks to India, and will post some pictures and a diary in this weekend. My parents were over for 5 days. I've been working on several new art briefs and a new tutorial (done some artwork too:)).

In Progress sideshot with Normals applied.

In Progress shot with the Ambient Occlusion applied.

In Progress perspective shot with Diffuse/AO/Normal and Specular maps. Still tons to do on this character, although it's getting there. Have to do his beard with alpha's, eyebrowse, eyelashes, add some more detail on the skin diffuse, inside of the mouth and facial rig it.

We've just successfully finished a 4 weeks art test for a French company, which included current gen characterwork and environmental artwork. Shaf has gone to India finally, but we made the mistake to book his trip for 4 weeks instead of three. Sorry dude !


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