Thursday, November 23, 2006

Autumn colors

Something to write before my next trip to India again.

First : Shafeq Rahman (ex-Sony) is joining Vbeing on Monday as our new Art manager. We are all looking forward to have him onboard, and he is really excited to join us, welcome on board dude.

Autumn has started a while ago, but on our trip to Stamford last weekend it really showed it's beatifull colors. Stamford is a lovely old town close to Peterborough, next to the A1. Some information on Stamford :

River in Stamford, view on the church.

We went to the Pizza Express on Sunday, and had a short walk around in the town. It was relatively busy, and the food was mjummie again. The kids enjoyed themselves, and afterwards we went to have a walk around the town.

Pizza Express in Stamford, just before the bridge.

When we got out the car Linda spotted these mushrooms. Nice enough to make picture.

Hypholoma Mushrooms

Lovely mushrooms (not to eat). They live normally on treetrunks. Have a yellow colored top. Coneshaped in the middle which is rusty brown of color. They mainly appear in September-Oktober.

Willow Tree next to the River in Stamford.
View on the river from the bridge in Stamford.

On Saturday Ivar and I went to Peterborough City centre on the bike, as we often do. Once in town there was a market. We went into Woolworths top have a look for a present for Noa's birthday next week. She's already becoming four years old. We didn't succeed, but we had some idea's now however. We met up with Linda, Noa and Senna in the Burgerking, and afterwrds Ivar and I went to John Lewis where we bought her birthday present. Cycling back I took the picture below. A view on the river Nene.
View from the footbridge over the river Nene in Peterborough.


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