Sunday, October 08, 2006

to Northhampton

Sunday, 08/10/2006

This morning Ivar and me went to the local Carbootsale again on the bike, while Linda and the girls where going with the car. Afterwards we went to the Service just outside Peterborough where we had some KFC, MacDonalds AND Pizzahut :) Well everyone had something different.

Senna in her high chair at the Service

We have never driven on the A605, so we decided to go and have a look at North Hampton. Nice first impressions from the town. It had a nice town square, which looked similar to the market square in Cambridge. Plenty of shops, and I had to resist buying 4 games (Taito Classics, Ghouls'n Ghosts on the PSP and Lego Starwars 2 for the PS2) In the end I bought Rainbow Islands Revolutions for the Nintendo DS Light.

We went outside as well, and decided to go back after a while. As it was all shops and there was no end to it :) I shot some more nice one of the other two kiddo's :)

When driving back to Peterborough again, I spotted this funny numberplate. Well in the Netherlands it would be funny at least, as it's direct translation means c*nt. Here's the proof :


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