Saturday, September 23, 2006

September Again

Monday 11th September 2006, 18:19 Flying to Delhi again.

Brought Noa to school today, she wasn't happy I was going away again. But their grandparents are coming over this week, so they have all the fun. I missed them for today, cause I had to leave Peterborough at 15:00. Sitting here with my laptop on a table at Heathrow Terminal 3. I got myself an exit seat again. And had a really nice lasagne, some OJ and some of those lovely biscuits they always have at Ponti's, just before customs. It reminded me of the Ponti's restaurant we always used to go to in Wimbledon. I only carry 1 bag at the moment, which is quite convenient (inclusive the laptop), and the flight is on time, which is good. Just trying to kill some time, and pasted in my Iitinerary for the next two weeks of my stay in India. I noticed they planned in Saturday and Friday, the day which I'm flying back in the morning. So I'll see if I can squeeze that in the already busy schedule. Not sure if Ricky will be back at the office. Hopefully he will. Looking forward to meet up with the guys again. Although Steve warned me it was "f*ckin' hot", and lots of "mozzies" this time. Ah well, I got used to it. As long as I'm not going to see the toilet too often I'll be fine. Hopefully Jet Airways have changed their movies onboard, as I've seen all of them already. Maybe I should buy myself some magazines to read. Although I'd rather sleep on my way to India, just so I feel okay tomorrow morning when I arrive.

Transport Vehicle from the Crafts Museum

Tuesday 12th September 2006, 20:40 In the appartement

Back at the apartement. Exhausted from a long days work here. I had a really pleasant flight, as I had yet another Exit seat this time. The plane was not even half full. The takeoff had a slight delay, as their was luggage onboard from the flight to Mumbai. So they had to unload that again. After 30 minutes delay we finally took off. I watched X-Men 3, which I enjoyed, After that I got my contacts out and got comfortable for a nights rest. Never as comfortable as your own bed, but at least I managed to get some sleep at least. When I woke up we where 30 minutes from Delhi. I forgot to take the chocolate I bought at Heathrow Airport. After 15 minutes waiting for the luggage to come on the band I got myself to the exit of Indira Ghandi Airport. The same driver who drove us last time was there again. The wheather was nice, about 32 Degrees Celcius, and a slight breeze. We drove straight to the Studio, where I said hello to everyone and went straight to work. For lunch I had a nice butter chicken disk with Nanbread. Time to relax now, as I left the office at around 20:00. Catch up some good nights sleep, and another busy day ahead tomorrow.

Scorpio Sign from the Delhi National Museum

Wednesday 13th September 2006, 20:43 In the appartement

I had a good sleep, and woke up at about 08:00. I actually got out of bed at 09:00 cause I was feeling tired still, but duty called. Had a wash, shave and off to work we went. One lead was ill today. I've managed to finish all my tasks for today except one, which I will do tomorrow morning before most guys are in the office. I went home at around 19:00, and AK phoned me on the mobile to discuss work. So in the meantime I was micro waving my dinner and typing out an excel spreadsheet that he required by tomorrow for a meeting. Anyway, all sorted and am now on the bed with my laptop, and my food. Preparing work for tomorrow's lectures. After that I'll watch the second half from "Bachelor Party" with Tom Hanks. A real Classic (for me that is).
I got an email from Linda this morning who is currently in Amsterdam, and it was good to hear she was doing fine. Sati came back today and dropped by in the Studio, as busy as he always is, he got a phonecall and drifted out of the studio again. Hopefully we will catch up later. Tarun showed me a brochure of some nice restaurant which he thought we should go this Friday. Well, count me in :) This Saturday I'll do some shopping for the kiddo's again, and Sunday I might visit some Museums over here together with KD if his wife agrees that is. Well off again, before my dinner gets cold. The dish for today is Boneless Chicken, Rise and some lovely mushrooms in a nice gravy.

Construction opposite Tarun's Flat

Thursday 14th September 2006

Another busy day today. Not any different from other days. Had some lovely nanbread and butter chicken with something else I can not recall the name at the moment. Went to bed quite late, and phoned my parents and Linda's parents who are currently looking after the kids for a few days.

Mjummie mushrooms sticks from "Geofries" at Ansal Plaza

Friday 15th September 2006, 21:52 In the Appartement

Had a long day today. Went out lunch for the first time since I arrived together with Ricky, Tarun and one of their friends. The Chinese restaurant we went to was very nice and can be recommended. I had a nice wonton soup and some lovely starters. After that a massive main meal and 2 scoups of vanilla and strawberry ice cream for desert. I have arranged a taxi again for this weekend, and am picking up Tarun to join me tomorrow, and KD on Sunday. Visiting Delhi's Art Museums.

A Fruit Tree in the Crafts Museum

Saturday 16th September 2006, Weekend

Got out of bed this morning at around 09:00, and had a long shower. Somehow the servant let himself in, although I locked the door, so that lock is useless. Waiting for the taxi driver at 11:00 we headed off to Tarun's place at S-Block. Tarun's got himself a nice spacious flat, adn soon after we arrived we went off to Connaught Place to get some lunch and drinks at Qba. After that we went to Janpath again to get some handmade paper. Some lovely shops there, although very touristy. After a couple of hours we went to Anzal Plaza where we did some shopping and stopped at Geoffries to get some lunch and more drinks. Dropped off Tarun afterwards, and back to the appartement. Got a slight headache again, which started this morning. So I'll take another paracetamol to kill the pain. I'm going to visit Central Market still, and do some shopping at the Twentyfour Seven before tonight. Tomorrow is another day, and I believe it's time to fully relax.
I asked Chauhan (our servant) to make me some dinner for the night, as I do not feel like going out on my own tonight. Just came back from a long walk. Went to get a strawberry frappee at the Cafe Coffee Day, and I did not even have to ask what I wanted, they know that by now, which is funny. Afterwards I had a walk over Central Market to see if I could buy anything for the kids, but did not get any inspiration. Most of the things where bed linen, clothing and other things I do not want. It was nice, as it was not so dark yet outside. Always a busy place. Then I walked back to get some Pringles, Cadbury's Chocolate, Salted Pistachios and Apricot Nectar drink for tonight. Probably watch a movie tonight or play some games on the PS2. Maybe even go to bed early for a change. Hopefully I'll find something nice for all kids. I was tempting to buy clothes for the girls from "Barbie", which looked rather nice. But then again they grow out of it so quickly. Ah well, I might still do that. Have to ask Linda their clothes sizes. The food smells good I must say, although I'm not really hungry yet. Maybe I'm visiting the Ego-Thai at Friends Colony again tomorrow, as that place really was good last time we visited together with Steve. I did not take many pictures yet, which I should do, as I always regret not taking enough of them. When I was walking back here, I was thinking even though you take 1 million images of India, you still can not capture it. You need to smell, taste, and walk through India before getting an idea how it is like. So crowded during the day, so empty the streets are in the night. So many shops selling the same products. So many people just hanging around on the streets, like they have nothing else to do. But it's lovely and a superb experience. Love the people here.....

Shot from the leftwing from this Airbus Airplane to Delhi.

Sunday 17th September 2006, Locked Inn.

Last night I watched "Office Space" from Mike Judge again, as it was the only movie left on the harddrive.
An odd start of the day, after having a really nice and long sleep. Just having confirmed with KD on the phone for our trip for today, I could not get out of the house. The lock refused to open from the inside, so luckily Chauhan was there, and got a locksmith to open the door from outside. It took him 30 minutes to come back with the locksmith. The driver waited for me outside in his massive Tata car :) We had to fill up the car and the Diesel price over here was RS 32,25 per liter, wow I wish the UK had these prices. Surely most if it is going straight to the UK government. We just passed a driving license testpark, which was solar powered. Going towards Vasundhara Enclave, on the outskirts of New Delhi. Have visited KD's place, we went to visit the Crafts museum, which was deserted when we arrived, maybe it was still too early. Anyway, did some shopping in the Museum Shop, and bought some really nice things. A couple of things for Linda, a nice present for Ivar (I hope he likes it) but nothing for the girls (yet). After that we went back to Connaught place, as I was quite hungry by now, and KD was as well. So we visited Qba (again) and had a nice Qba Cooller Smoothy, some Tom Kai Soup, garlic bread and chicken caneloni. Afterwards we went to the National Museum, which is next to India Gate. I gave my camera to Kishan. The reason for this because they charge tourists RS 500 for allowing the camera inside, and for locals only RS 20,-. THe entrance for me was RS 300, and for Kishan only RS 10,- Anyway, it was worth going, although I did not shoot too many images anyway. When Kishan told the guard I was working in India we could have had a massive discount :) Didn't matter anyway. We skipped the Modern Art Gallery for the moment, because we only had 45 minutes to go through that, so we do this next time around. We went back to South Ex where I got Linda's hanger fixed. The shopkeeper know me by now, and he told me they where moving address. I gave him my card, so he's going to give me a ring to give his new address as soon as they've moved location. They'll still be in South Ex. Bought some really cute clothes for Senna and Noa, which I'm sure they'll like a lot. Went the a coffee place to get some ice smoothie's and a blueberry Muffin. We dropped Kishan off at his place, and straight back home again. It has been a good day today.

A nice crafted artifact from the National Museum

Monday 18th September 2006

Busy day...

Tuesday 19th September 2006, AK in da House

Andrew arrived in India, but he didn't look to healthy, so he got a rest soon after his arrival. Hope he feels better soon.

Wednesday 20th September 2006

Busy day...

Ponti's at Heathrow Terminal 3. So much better then TGI's after check-in.

Thursday 21st September 2006

Last evening
Finally, looking forward to go home again. It has been a very good 2 weeks here again, and I feel the guys really progressed. Also the trainees where learning during these 2 weeks. It's 20:40 now and I just packed the main things for tomorrow. I have sorted my clothes for tomorrow morning. I only have to pack the toileteries and the last bits, take off the bedcover and bedsheets for a cleaning and will leave here at 10:00. A taxi is being arranged to bring me to the Airport. Went to Flavours today for lunch together with Andrew, Tarun and Samrat. Andrew's treat, which was nice of him. So chilling out now, see if Andrew's still up to go anywhere for food. I'd love to go to Ego Thai, but we'll see. On my next trip I have to bring a lot of things. For KD a wacom tablet, VBeing mousemats, printouts. And probably some engine parts for Tarun :) Which he gets delivered at my place for me to take to India.

Friday 22nd September 2006, Flying back again.

I had a good nights sleep. Andrew and me got some Pizza Hut delivered last night, and watched Animal House with James Belushi. A real classic to watch. Went to bed around 23:30 and had a good sleep until 09:00. I got ready, and the taxi picked me up at 10:00 to take me to the airport. Had plenty of time, but went through the gate straight away. Bought some sandwiches and water and boarded at 13:00. Had a good flight overal, and watched :

"Nacho Libre",
"Mission Impossible 3",
"Over the Hedge",
a episode from Friends
some fashion design documentairy

Landed safe, and am happy to be home again.


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