Monday, October 30, 2006

The Netherlands


We came back yesterday from a long journey via the Channel Tunnel (Calias-Folkestone). Had a good holiday. We departed on Thursday evening and arrived at my parents place at 23:00, as we catched an earlier train in Folkestone. My mum was still up, and my dad came out of bed as well. After a good night sleep we went to 's Hertogenbosch on Friday. the 21st. The wheather has been very nice the last week, especially on my birthday, which was on the 27th. We went out to various places, and visited a nice pancake house in a village called "Lierop" with my parents. Also the local snackshops where happy to see us again :)
Also went to Eindhoven a few times to go shopping, and enjoy our free time.

Indonesian restaurant "toko Murah" in Eindhoven.

On Monday I went to my friend Guido, who was at home that day. And me and Noa stayed at their place, and picked up their son later at school. We went to a playground close to where they lived where we had been before, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. In the evening we went out to their local snackbar. Had a good day, and it was good to catch up again.

Noa in Weert, rubbing off the charcoal of this Shop's board :)

On Wednesday we went to "Ouwehands Dierenpark", which is a really nice Zoo nearby "Arnhem". The place "A Bridge too far". We got 50% discount from a shop, so we checked it out. This Zoo was build in 1935, and the Germans bombed it during WWII. They totally rebuild it in 1941 again, and it's stil open. The kids really enjoyed it.
Icebear in "Ouwehands Dierenpark"

Ivar and myselfs inthe train journey in "Ouwehands Dierenpark"

An ugly creature in "Ouwehands Dierenpark"

My parents garden.

Noa in front of the shed in my parents garden.

Time is always short when you go for one week, and everyone wants to see you you when you're in the country. But we just did not have enough time for ourselves to do this. Then again, it's just a 40 minute flight to get from the Netherlands to the UK. And driving is okay too.
I always love to go by ferry, but Linda prefers the Euro Tunnel, as she always gets seasick.


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