Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last Bank Holiday of the year

This was the last Bank Holiday from this year. We have been busy in the house decorating the kids rooms, and some sanding work upstairs as well. Both Noa and ivar where really pleased with the new colors on the wall.

Noa and Senna's bedroom

We have some plans with Ivar's room, for which we go shopping next weekend in Peterborough. We got some good tips from our Neighbour where to look.

Ivar's Bedroom
Also, we found another wholesale shop here in Peterborough. Great value for money, all bulk though. Giant pieces of bief, also non food products. Well worth a visit so now and then. Especially when you have a barbeque, or want to get drinks for a month or so in the house.

Hyperama Wholesale entrance in Peterborough.

On Monday we went to visit our friends the fam. Hill in Balsham, which was good to catch up finally again.


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Jesus only to be balding and fat eh? Not like us English!!!

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