Monday, August 21, 2006

Virgin Atlantic vs Jet Airways

31/07/2006 Monday

Today I'm flying to India again, this time it will not be Virgin atlantic, but Jet Airways. So no 32K Airmiles on Virgin, but still 24K, and 8K on Jet Airways now instead. Andrew dropped by this morning to go through my agenda and other work related things. I packed almost everything. I to the bicycle to cycle to Peterborough Station, but after 5 minutes I cycled over a sharp little stone and my tyre got a nice large puncture. So I walked to the Station as I has plenty of time. The only things which was slightly frustarting was I had three bags to carry and the bike. I catched the delayed GNER train at 14:00 to Kings Cross. Another 45 minutes underground journey to Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3. I arrived nice and early, and asked for an exit seat, which I got. At Virgin they would have charged me £50,- for this seat. Not awlays though, but those are Virgin's regulations. Once on board of the Airbus I sat next to a nice chap who was a producer responsible for organising shows and conferences such as the Bafta Awards. Most of his time he spend flying across the world, and the conversation we had was interesting. I watched "Failure to Launch" with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey
. Not a bad movie to watch. After watching the movie I removed my contact lenses abd went to sleep. The stewardess woke me up at 05:00 GMT, as we were about to land in Delhi, so I slept the whole flight almost.

Fountain with view on the Indian Parlement

01/08/2006 Tuesday

Time flies, and so do I often these days. It's August already. I went straight from the airport in the taxi to work, and got things done straight away. Everyone was happy to see me, and visa versa. Steve was already there, and we went home about 20:30 that evening. I had a nice long shower to freshen up. I then walked to the twentyfourseven shop nearby and got some coca cola and crisps. I had my dinner afterwards together with Steve which had been prepared by our servant. Watched an episode of the Simpsons and went to bed after that.

Indian House of Parlement

02/08/2006 Wednesday

I woke up after a good night sleep under my own duvet and pillow which I brought from home. Fell asleep again untill 10:10 and got ready to go to work. The good thing is we do not have to travel long to get to work, as work is only 2 streets away from the flat. I took some of the guys out for lunch to Pizza Express (Samrat, Mukund and Akhil) and the food was really nice. Bought a TShirt for my father in law, as I did not promise this, but he has been asking for it for a while now. Telling Linda that his size is XL :) I just noticed that I left it at the office, but it does not have wings. So hopefully it will still be in the office tomorrow.

Crowd on a Sunday in Old Delhi

03/08/2006 Thursday

Steve and I watched Xmen last night and a bit of the Mummy 2 on DVD.

04/08/2006 Friday

I got up at 08:30. Went to work, and had a good day. I was looking forward to the weekend to chill out and do some shopping and sightseeing. I've gone out to get myself a nice cold strawberry frappee atr Cofee Today.
Went home at 20:00 and watched a Thai Fight Movie, which was excellent. After that we watched Sin City, and half way the power went off. So we were stucked for 1.5 no power. Steve decided to get some rest, as the power failure was affecting the heat in the house. Temperature was rising fast as the airconditioners did not work. Then suddenly the power came back on and we watched the rest of Sin City. Great movie. Went to bed at around 02:00

05/08/2006 Saturday

Weekend ! I got up at 09:00 this morning, as I ordered a taxi for today at 10:00. The taxi was right on time and we drove first to India Gate, which is a momument for rememberance of those who died in both world wars. It has a lot of resemblance of Arc de Triomph in Paris. After that I walked to the Indian House of Parlemaint. It was pretty warm, but the himudity was worse. As it was only 31.6 degrees Celcius. Went back to Dilli Market place, and to South Extensioj to do some shopping. I got Linda something she has been asking for for a while now, and I hope she'll like it. I have to pick it up this Wednesday evening, and did a down payment already.
I phoned Steve who was still in the Flat to ask him if he would fancy some lunch. So we picked him up and drove to Tanino's. No buffet today, but the food was very very good again. They even remembered us :) I got Ham and Melon for starters, and a nice thick Tomato soup which was so good. And for the Main Course I had chicken breast filled with parmasan cheese and peppers. As a desert I had some Vanilla Icecream. Steve's lunch looked good too.
We dropped off Steve at the flat again, and went back to Gurgaon, where I bought some more sheets for our bed at home. The sheets and pillow covers I bought last time where really nice. And there was a good discount on the items. On my way back the driver was not at the taxi, so I waited for 10 minutes and phoned Sareen to see where the driver was. Then tyhe driver appeared and took me back to the flat as well. Came home at 18:00. It was of 45 minute car journey from the Flat to there. Tonight we are going out for some Thai food, which Steve recommended. I can't wait :)
A ordered a taxi through Sareen, which was the same dude who was driving me around today. He misunderstood where we had to go, as we ended up in Defense Colony, instead of where we had to be, which was Friends Colony. It didn;'t matter but we had to do a de-tour. So we saw an exit again from Lajpat Nagar, where our journey started. Finally arrived at the Geo Thai Restaurant, and the atmosphere was great. It was not busy as we where pretty early (20:30)
We ordered some Spicy Thai Soup, Chicken Satay for starters, and a red curry dish for Mains. When we where about to start our mains Sati popped up, which was a nice surprise, as he told us he would skip it this time. He ordered some food as well, which we all shared and I took care of the bill this time. Went back to the flat again and watched Die Hard with Bruce Willis. What a classic Yippee-Ka-Yee.

06/08/2006 Sunday

I got up at 09:30 this morning, and it was not as hot as I expected, India was still asleep this morning. My taxi arrived nicely on time again, the same driver as yesterday. Today I wanted to visit Old Delhi, and off we went to see the Jama Mashid. Located opposite the Red Fort in Old Delhi, where it was very very busy. Especially the small narrow streets was filled with people, and I could see everything because of my heigth :) I had to go through security, and had to open my bag which I was carrying. Asking how much my camera's where :) They where a friendly bunch, and I got through in the end. Had to take of my shoes, and had to pay 150 ruppees because of usage of any camera. I carried my own shoes, as I do not want to end up in Delhi, and someone runs of with my shoes. Then we went to Ferozshah Kolta, which was tiny, free and not well maintained the part that you could enter. Still a nice old structure to visit however. It was close to the Old Delhi Zoo. Opposite I visited Purana Qila, which was the most impressive structure I saw today. You could walk everywhere, I rested at some places, because the sun was getting at me. I really believe I tanned a lot today, although that was not my intention. I wondered around on a path that was running jusgt outside the Purana Qila, which was close to the water. A woman bumped into me asking for money, no change there. And she wanted to use it for the homeless children in India. What does make me believe she would actually get that money she collects at it's destination ? Anyway, she annoyed me as I gave her some money, but she noticed I had some larger notes in my bag, as she just asked for it. I walked back to the car, and we went back to New Delhi to get some lunch at Qba at Conaught Place. I asked the driver to join me, but I noticed he felt not comfortable at Qba, which is a really posh place to be. ANyway, he seemed to like the mocktails and the food. Then we drove back to South Ex again, where I bought some clothes for both my daughters. Even though India is cheap I got another 50% discount on it, as the discount season started. Also managed to find a A-Z Street map of Delhi, which is very usefull to have. We went back to the flat afterewards, and I had a nice nap of 1.5 hour. Steve came back from the office and I had a wonder around Central Market, to stretch my legs before it becomes dark again. I wlaked back to Coffee Today, where I read today's newspaper and had a Strawberry Frappee with a lump of Vanilla Icecream. Just came back to the flat, as Steve was about to set off for a trip to the Guru. I wonder what his experience will be like. He does not expect to be back before late, so I'll hear all about it tomorrow. I got some food prepared for tonight, as I'm staying in the flat tonight and watch a movie or something.

07/08/2006 Monday

Got up nice and early after a good night's sleep. Went out for lunch today with Mukund at the Pizza Express, and left work at 19:45. Just finished watching Die Hard 2, and am off to finish yet another world of New Super Mario Bros. on the DS Lite.
Had another good day at work, and have yet another busy schedule for tomorrow, which is good. I had a vegetarian dish for dinner tonight, which was good as well.

09/08/2006 Wednesday

A public holiday in India, which I will be using to prepare some work for Thursday, and later on I'll go for some shopping and go to South Extension for some final shopping before we fly back to the UK on Friday.

11/08/2006 Friday

Flying back to the UK, bus journey to Stansted Airport. Stay at the Radisson Hotel, and catch my next flight at 07:00 to Eindhoven, the Netherlands to be with my family.
I had a good flight back, even though the Airport Security was changed. I only had 1 hour delay from Indira Ghandi Airport, and they even allowed my luggage as hand luggage. After waiting for a few hours we boarded. I arrived at Heathrow at around 19:15 and had to go to the Bus Station to catch my bus to Stansted Airport. Unfortunately my bus was not for another 40 minutes, so i had to wait. I was tired after the flight, and had to sit in the bus for another 1.5 hours. When arriving at Stansted I walked to the Radisson and met up with Andrew. A nice and quick debrief and handing over some goods. Went to sleep at around 00:00, and the bed was really comfortable. They even supplied Wifi internet service for free. A real recommendation when you have to stay nearby Stansted Aiport. Wake up call at 05:00, and jumped under the shower. Walking to the Aiport again, it was so busy. The cue's where massive, and the security was over the top. Even had to take off my shoes. And all hand luggage had to be cleared. Hectic, but only had 1 hour delay on my flight to Eindhoven. Finally arrived.......Holidays.....


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