Sunday, January 14, 2007

14th of January 2007: Happy New Year!

A brief update since Christmas 2006.

I was two weeks off before and after Christmas. Linda's parents came over on the 23rd of December to be with us in the UK during Christmas.
The kids got overloaded with presents, from both their birthday's AND Christmas presents. As all three celebrate their Birthday’s November and December. The 28th Linda's parents went home again.
I painted the living room main wall hazel and then the other walls are planned to get an egg white color. I've done one extra wall yesterday.
We did not plan to go to the Netherlands this year, but felt slightly bored, so we booked our journey at Sea France. We had to pack within one hour, and rush to Dover from here, as our boat was leaving to Calais at 18:00. We weer on time, and they got us on an earlier boat. The weather was terrible, but we made it on the other side. I surprised my parents when I rang, as they didn't know. So we had from Friday to the next Sunday, which was nice. We stayed at my parents place, and visited our friends while out there. The New Year we celebrated at my friends place in Valkenswaard, which was fun.
We bought some fireworks that day in Belgium and finished most of it that night. Being extra careful, as I didn't want to loose my hands. I gained too much weight again while out there, so now it's time to loose some again. All those snacks and nice things. We got a nice financial surprise from my parents for the year and for Senna’s 1st birthday, which we celebrated now in the Netherlands.
Sunday we where driving back, but the boat was booked at 21:00, a bit late for Linda’s liking. So we set to France early, in the hope we could get on an earlier boat. We had to pay £34 extra, so we did. We arrived back home at 20:00. It was nice to have a break.

And I wish for everyone I know (expect for the people that do not deserve it) a happy New Year.


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