Saturday, May 20, 2006

After a busy and fruitfull week

So what happened since my last blog update, 7 days ago ? The wheather has changed, and it started to rain again. It has been a busy week at work, but enjoyed it fully. Soon I'll be off again to New Delhi, so probably 44 degrees again. I'm looking forward to the trip, it has been three weeks ago I have been out there for the first time.

Have been buying some things (what's new there?) I got sick of my 1G of ram in my work machine, so I had a quick look on overclockers, and ordered 4Gig DDR. It was not as expensive as I thought it would be. Today I've ordered a bag for the laptop from the Apple Centre here in Peterborough and a new telephone with additional handset. If you live in a 3 story house, it's not nice to run up and down just to catch that phonecall. So they're charging right now. Eeehm, what else ? Made an appointment for a quote on a real wooden floor for the lounge and hall downstairs.

Did some work in the Garden, and planted an apple tree.

On the bike this morning trying to fix Ivar's bike, as he had a flat tyre. But when I examined it it was full of little pinholes, from bushes or something. So we went on my bike with a pillow on the back to ease the pain for him...It was a nice ride to the City Centre. Bought a couple of things, as mentioned above and visited the deepfry factory "Burger King". On our way back I wondered what the houses looked like inside at Twigden Houses at Valley Park. They were very small, even the four bedroom houses where tiny and very pricey. At least we had a quick look, which was interesting to see how their houses were build. Very similar these days anyways. Good to see the houseprice for the four bedroom houses were substantially higher than when we bought ours.

So now it's almost evening and am sitting relaxed behind my laptop. Updating yet again the "bodblog". Here some pictures from our kids I took today.

Ivar eating his fries at "Burger King"

Noa and Senna both on the couch.


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