Saturday, April 08, 2006

the Netherlands

What happened ? Friday the 31st we drove to the Netherlands at 05:30. SO that's where we are at the moment. A nice long break after all the interviews. Ready for our new adventure in Asia. We had a really good journey to the continent. SeaFrance's boattrip was really good, although the breakfast was not fantastic. After driving for 3 hours through France and Belgium we finally reached my hometown, where my parents live.
We had a really good night sleep, as the bed at my parents in the guestroom is super comfortable. The next day we went to Eindhoven to do some shopping, and Ivar stayed with his grandfather, helping him in his garden. We bought clothes, books, stuff for the Asia trips and other things. We quickly dropped by at my brothers place before we went back, and it was nice to see them again and see our nephew. That evening we went to a nice place in Belgium just over the border called "the Bever". Fantastic for kids in the summer as they have a nice playground and a lake nearby.

A couple of days ago we visited one of ours friends nearby Weert, which was nice. Unfortunately their dog was so full of excitement he jumped on Noa's back and she fell on the pavement with her face. We went immediately to the Hospitals First Aid, but they couldn't do anything. Good to see her recovering so fast. It was not a pretty sight, but everything is fine. Was visited Eindhoven multiple time, and tried to book a house at CentreParcs, but everything was pre-booked, even the larger houses. So we decided to go to Linda's parents, nearby 's-Hertogenbosch.

Yesterday I visited my friend Guido. He was at home babysitting his son. So Noa joined us, and the kids had fun together, while we were catching up stories and talked about memories. Also I managed to make some copies of old fotographs I did not have. As he had photographs from of my previous houses in London, which was fun again to see.

Today we visited 's-Hertogenbosch, but it started to rain after a couple of hours, so we hit back to the car with the city buss (like park & Ride). Tonight we will chill out at Linda's parents, and we're about to have our dinner. Tomorrow we're going to take Linda's parents out for lunch somewhere.


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