Saturday, December 31, 2005

Family Bod has been expanded again

Today at 10:32 our daughter was born. Her name is Senna Anita Valerie Bod. Weighing 2748g, 49cm. In Peterborough Hospital, UK. Both mother and child are doing fine and having a rest, including me. So here are the first images from our new baby girl.
Happy newyear everyone !


Blogger ggouweloos said...

Hey Fam. Bod!
All our best whishes for you all this new year, and congratulations with your newly born daughter (and sister) Senna. We checked the Blog daily to see if there was any news about the new baby Bod... internet rules, when good friends are living at a distance!

Lots of Love,
Manon, Guido & Casper

1:38 am  
Blogger ggouweloos said...

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1:38 am  
Blogger jheald said...

Congratulations Bod Family!

Happy New year Angelo, pass on my wishes to all. We are all missing you on the train in the morning!

See you when you get back!


11:11 am  
Blogger angelo_bod said...

Thank you all. Not many people have this blog, so it is nice to see some response. Makes it all worthwhile. I'll post some more pictures tonight after dinner.

5:22 pm  

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